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Monday 26 February, 2024



We train professionals and those that want to become professionals in educational, academic, analytic and methodological topics. We rather encourage you to mix the components most relevant for you and let us do the rest.

Here are some of our personal favorite components - so far.

More complex programs can include SWOT analysis, approach determination, solution manufacture, implementation, evaluation.

Thesis and Project Guidance

Arguably theses and projects are most valuable intellectual work for students and also the most difficult. We train in how to handle learning complex tasks, team work and all details that are needed.

Lessons and Games

We build lesson plans, materials, and whole project days for schools and universities. We support the early stages of innovative design up to its implementation and eventual evaluation.

We build and administer:

We continuously improve our lessons and materials. We selected a few to showcase what we do:


Exciting game/simulation for highschools where the welfare state, social dilemmas, and financial mechanisms come alive. All with a seemingly simple, yet complex game.


We support, design and develop educational assessment, websites and web applications.

We also create material and procedures for:


ATIA is an automated instruction and assessment system that delivers differentiated instructions and in-depth, multidimensional feedback. It greatly improves the learning and testing experience for learners by offering structure.

ATIA offers an easy way to create tests and automatically score them on multiple scales thus offering a multi-faceted feedback to the test takers.

Did you find what you were looking for? Let us know what caught your attention. We are happy to chat about our products and services or process an order directly for you.